Sydney Loteria

I'm Sydney Loteria

Web Developer from Manila, Philippines

My passion is designing and developing website that will surely help my client achieve their goals on the world wide web.

My goal is to create user-friendly website and turn your every bits of idea into online reality that will surely stand out over your competitor.

I acquired a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Degree at Jose Rizal University

What I Can Do

Web Design

Catch your visitors attention by having an appealing and attractive web design. Impressed your visitor as well as your competitor.

Web Development

I develop website and make sure the web standards are followed correctly. I also assure that your website is viewable in all devices like desktop, tablet and in mobile by using a responsive layout.

Main Skills





Adobe Photoshop

Step 1

Analyze and Plan

First, i should everything you want achieve on your website, down to the design, your target audience and also the functionalities of website on how the user will interact.

Step 2

Initial Design

After i gathered the information, i will now create design mock up of the website. Continuous modification of the design are in this phase until you are satisfy enough.

Step 3

Web Development

When the design is approved, I will now do the coding of the website and turn it into online reality where you can navigate every part of the web page.

Step 4

Website Launching

Finally, your website can now be seen by the audience. This is the start of your battle for your competitors on the world wide web